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A life and death situation unfolds

It's a rare event when a real-life resuscitation case is caught on camera.


But that is exactly what happened when lifeguards featured in a video shoot were suddenly thrust into a life and death situation and faced with the situation of having to perform external defibrillation using an AED on a young man that had just been found lifeless in the water. 


The footage shown is purely to provide some insight into what might be experienced in a resuscitation situation and that AEDs save lives.  






Although it may not have been a text book save, there was a happy ending none-the-less.   The quick thinking and calm actions of the life guards and the accessibility of an AED meant that a boy's life was saved.


With the availability of AED automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators such as the Powerheart AED G3 range that offer simple step-by-step instructions during use, virtually anyone without training can quickly and effectively defibrillate a casualty to dramatically improve the patient's chances of survival.


For further information on our range of Powerheart AEDs follow the link to the dedicated Powerheart defibrillator page or do contact us at the MediSafe offices.


Please note the AED used in the film is a Survivalink AED that has been superseded by the Powerheart AED range.





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