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MediSafe has comprehensive product liability insurance.



Product Liability Insurance


MediSafe is fully insured to work on all medical equipment.

MediSafe has comprehensive product liability insurance that covers all repairs, testing and calibration*.
In the unlikely event MediSafe is held legally liable, with respect to works carried out on a piece of medical equipment by our engineers, MediSafe is covered up to £1 million per claim. 

If you are considering having your equipment tested, or if you are currently serviced by another company, we highly recommend that you check that the company has product liability insurance cover, and that tests are carried out to the correct standards. If they do not, they are not fulfilling their obligation to provide a legitimate service and it would therefore draw into question their validity as a medical equipment testing and servicing company.


*Please note: Do not confuse Product Liability with Public Liability. Public Liability Insurance does not cover engineers for invasive work on medical equipment.  For example, Public Liability Insurance does not cover basic repairs or the simplest of tasks such as the replacement of a battery.  Replacing a battery may seem inconsequential, but from our experience being able to replace a battery when the time is right is imperative and can potentially save a surgery having to pay out the costs for a new machine rather than just the cost of a replacement battery.




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